Boutique eCommerce specialised agency that combines Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing, SEO and Customer Retention Optimisation into the Luna Digital eCommerce Growth Framework™

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what we do
Increasing revenue

Step one: LAUNCH

Firstly we build out an advertising strategy, and email marketing funnel focused on performance branding and sales growth. Thereafter we launch our ads and trigger our email campaigns.

Step two: OPTIMISE

We monitor our marketing campaigns to duplicate our wins, and cut the losses quick. We then take the data gathered to optimize further, and make strategic communication changes.

Step three: scale

We focus on growing our audiences and the store as we scale, to consistently fuel growth.  Our main objective is to duplicate success and focus on increase our results whilst minimising spend and wasted efforts.

Our Clients

Client’s growth is our first priority – we strive to make sure that their business growth healthy and steadily with the right structures and strategy in place.

Luna Digital successfully helped the client launch their brand to their audiences. The team's efforts increased their lead generation, boosted social media presence, and heightened brand recognition. Overall, the team was effective, efficient, and professional.


The engagement led to a noticeable and consistent increase in sales, meeting the expectations fo the internal team. Luna Digital worked to understand the ethos of the brand to provide the best possible results. The team is creative, hard-working, dnd experienced.

JAMIE JAMES 30 South Eyewear

Thanks to Luna Digital, the client was able to experience a consistent increase on both of their sales and brand awareness. The team provided a simple and efficient workflow process in order to deliver high-quality output.

    we love winning

    We drive sales growth for eCommerce stores

    We believe that numbers speak louder than words, and use our streetwise style of business intelligence to cut through the bullshit, growing your ROI while you happily focus on running the operations of your business. We are thought leaders not blog readers, and focused on one thing and one thing only – business growth.