March 5, 2020 admin

Best Marketing Strategies for Hip Hop artists

In a world where the consumption of music has exceed any other generation, Hip Hop has really been at the forefront of culture and has been a gate way to the love of sneakers, clothing and more.

I don’t listen to hip hop just for the beat and the hook but I listen for the words. Jay Z mentioned a quote that really defines why Hip Hop and Rap music has been growing with popularity and will continue to grow especially within the youth.

“A poet’s mission is to make words do more work than they normally do, to make them work on more than one level” – Jay Z

I’m fascinated by the way artists deliver their music – their lyricism, the analogies, and raw truthfulness. For example, a big reason why I love Russ so much is because of one his story, but secondly the way he gropes you emotionally because puts people in the same perspective he’s in when writing.

In this article I’m going to talk about my advice for up and coming and ready established Hip Hop artists who are looking to create noise, increase their attention and build a bigger fan base through music – ultimately crushing 2019.

1. Put out more music, as much as you can

With the birth of music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more, it’s given the artist the opportunity to bypass a label and get straight to the listener. I’ll suggest putting music out every week or if not every two weeks. Most artists won’t agree because they think it will make them mainstream, and dilute the craft but here’s one thing to remember: People only remember the hits, and they don’t remember the other “left overs”. If you put out 10 a month and one sticks, that one can put you on for the rest. Plus, the rate at which we consume music is grossly underestimated.

2. Do more collaborations

This one is crucial because it allows the artist to “trade fans”, especially when they outside of the demographics, genre and music taste of the conventional fan.

I’d advise any artist to do more collaborations across different genre’s as it opens you up to a new audience that might have never known about you but instantly become a fan because they like You and they way You deliver. But here’s the catch, it has to be authentic, and it has to be beneficial for both parties. You shouldn’t do them to get attention but because you believe in the feature and music.

3. Contact vloggers, and other YouTube personalities

Think about it, a lot of artists who grew big were distributing their music on platforms and channels that people enjoyed, Madden, NBA and Radio.

The same tactic applies to vloggers. DM or email vloggers that have over 50,000 video views and have them (if they like the music) to play the music in their video’s. Have a vlogger play your music is instant word-of-mouth. Why do you think Shazaam exists? Because we constantly seeking new music. This is just influencer marketing on a granular level. Who knows, you can be put on big time because someone decided to watch that vlog.

4. Stay consistent on being focused and persistent

A lot of people, not just artists stop producing and creating music because they don’t see immediate results. They don’t see people talking about their music, and think they won’t grow big but the longer you are in the game, the greater your chances of growing big.

Example Migos, the Hip Hop trio, a lot of people really started paying attention to them after they released the remix of their hit single with Drake called ‘Versace’ which has an accumulated total view of 10 million on YouTube since 2015. The consistency, focus, persistency and work ethic has now resulted in big features, tours and attention now.

The same applies to business, work and life, we have to play the long-term game to see any tangible results that will 10x with the correct work ethic, ambition, vision and focus.