Increase Online Sales By Respecting People Online

March 5, 2020
March 5, 2020 admin

Increase Online Sales By Respecting People Online

Quite frankly, many of you disrespect people online. You act as digital clipboard sales people.

Not sure what that is? It’s the mall sales people.

They walk up to you and say, “Do you want a phone?”, “Do you want to donate to this cause?”.

The digital clipboard sales person plays a numbers game.

“Do you want to join my webinar?” “Do you want to buy my pdf even though I have not met you before? No? Well I’m going to ask a thousand more and waste more money.”

You (advertisers) want to make more money by respecting people first.

Think about it, do you walk up to any human in real life and say “would you give me 5,000 rand right now for this product/service I have?

I’ll read all the testimonials and all the points of the offer.”

No you won’t because you know you’re disrespecting that individual.

It doesn’t make any sense yet most people online put themselves outside of this to understand how simple it is to respect people online in a natural sales process.

I’m going to share with you a method for you to use to bring more leads and sales for less cost. It’s called the Venus Fly Trap.

Leveraging the tactic called priming by Malcom Gladwell – You’re giving people data to make decisions with, prior to the decision being presented to make.

When you understand artificial intelligence and running an Ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn or Snapchat, you’re leveraging a tool that works and operates on data and objectives.

First step in your process is to run engagement campaigns, not to attract likes, comments or shares, that’s all a by-product.

You’re doing it to build social interaction that will become an email list for you to be able to retarget in your Facebook audience list.

Second step in your process retargeting your custom audience lists based on their engagement with the priming content you created, taking them from a cold audience to a warm audience.

There are various ways of retargeting, you can retarget based on video views (20%, 50%, 95%), people who engaged with specific content, people who direct messaged, clicked specific call-to-action and more.

Why is this important? So you can exclude people who are not likely to go through your funnel and engage further with probable customers.

Third step is the Venus Fly Trap, the VFT is your conversion campaign that is exclusively targeting the people who you have warmed up and respected.

On average, conversions campaigns bring about 75% reduction is cost per acquisition.

How? Go into targeting, select the audience list and run the ad campaign to that warm audience. You will be amazed by the results you will achieve.

In your day to day, and in your business, this method is going to produce significant results.

But first, Understand that you have to Respect people online.