The Most Profitable Form Of Advertising Ever

March 5, 2020
March 5, 2020 admin

The Most Profitable Form Of Advertising Ever

ever, ever.

If you an SME  business owner and you’re trying to scale your business’ top-line revenue while remaining profitable, you’re facing something all of us had to address at some point.

I would normally suggest that you look into the systems you’ve built and pivot your product offering to fit current market demand but today however, I’ve got a marketing hack that most business owners seem to disregard.

Now, don’t beat yourself up if you are not aware of this but don’t take it lightly either.

What I’m about to share has generated a 2300% return for our clients campaigns.

Therefore what you’re about to learn is a revenue producing action.

Imaging for a moment, you are single and just met someone you really like.

Someone you’d like to see again and maybe have the potential to grow in to a relationship that could mean more in the future.

What angle would be more effective:

Walk straight up to that person and ask if they’d like to hop in to bed with you? (I’m sure you can picture what happens next… WHACK!)

Or… Nurture the relationship with consistent communication, acknowledging the smaller details and quirks that make that person unique and compatible.

Then after having a stronger feel for what that person’s intentions, ask for the life changing date you had in mind.

I think we’ll have a less violent outcome here.

It’s the same thing when we market to people online, we’re so aggressive in the hunt for the next sale we sometimes forget that we’re showing our ads to “actual people”. What do we do about this?

We put our best direct marketing messages, offers, incentives and deals in front of those who have shown the highest intent of buying.

By simply advertising to people contextually rather than randomly. Rewarding our potential customers every step of the way, the further down the sales process they move.

In the Digital Marketing community we call this “Re-marketing” and you’re able to do this using, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn… I think you get it.

So in conclusion focus on the people who have engaged with your brand, the smallest viable market before you try to become the Uber of whatever you sell.

In addition to that here’s an exercise for you.

  • Install your Facebook Pixel on your Website (you can do it without a web developer)
  • Create a “Custom Audience” for all Web Visitors in the past 30 days
  • Run your most insane offer or deal as an ad targeting these people in your campaign.
  • Watch the magic happen.
  • Email me on and tell me how it impacted your business. I can’t wait to hear from you 🙂

Talk Soon,

Erwin Linder