5 Five Fundamental Tips for Your First Successful Online Store

April 23, 2020
April 23, 2020 admin

5 Five Fundamental Tips for Your First Successful Online Store

For newbies

This article is going to be a quick fire, action driven resource to guide you through the maze of the online world – In order for you to get that cheddar!

We won’t mince our words in this one. We’re vegan so that’s not possible.

Kidding aside, we really wanted to address these 5 fundamental points to help your business that is transitioning from the offline world to the online jungle for the first time.



It’s sink or swim this time in this economic environment of uncertainty, where a lot of businesses have been forced to trade in this new and unfamiliar territory. 


Now, whether you’re offering a service or selling a physical product we have different recommendations because they are both sold differently, dependant upon the most familiar path to purchase.


Higher ticket items usually have longer sales processes because there is more education needed to build the trust necessary for a sale to be made.


Then again lower ticket items have much shorter cycles because the price point is easy to digest.


So our number #1 will be the platform you choose to present your products and services with. 


If you’re in the products space I would highly motivate you to use Shopify. It’s the most comprehensive and advertising friendly platform there is for e-commerce businesses.


If you deliver a service or something that requires gaining intelligence from a customer I would urge you to use a simple landing page builder.


There are millions of options here so in this case I woudl go for the simplest and most cost effective solution you can find.


Leadpages is one I would recommend.


For the service business, no fluff – good and proper copy writing is all that most would need to create a lead pulverising machine.


Now once we’ve got our website up and running we need to be sure that we set ourselves up for success and not just the bare minimum to get by.


You don’t just want to get by and allow your competitors to eat up your precious market share.


I’ll safely assume you want to demolish their hopes and dreams of even coming close to your clients and customers.


So in #2 you will need a sales person that will watch your customers every move. And I mean each, and every move.


You can actually employ 2 at no cost to you or your company. 


And all you would have to do is copy and paste a few digits. 


Most website builders make it easy for you to add these in without the hassle of needing a developer. So no need to panic, this too shall pass.


These two super sales people are going to be your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Tag. 


They will track, record, segment and remember every behaviour of your potential customers that interact with your brand and website. 


And this puts your business in a significant seat of power so you can later leverage that knowledge to give them an offer they can’t refuse.


Something very important to remember when venturing in to the online wilderness is that speed is king. 


You will be encountering a new species of customer while hunting on the planes of the internet. 


This new breed does not accept slow and will punish those that don’t give them the convenience of having whatever they are looking for right now.


So #3 is making sure that your website is as fast as possible. Lightning quick in fact. Another aspect not to overlook is where your traffic will be coming from. 


It’s speculated that nearly 80% of your stores traffic will be from mobile devices so it would go a long way to make your website mobile first and desktop second. 


Yet again subjective, dependent upon how your customers and clients shop. 


In this generation of building businesses, just being in business won’t be enough. 


It’s said that most businesses fail not because the idea was bad but that the businesses didn’t grow quick enough to escape it’s overheads.  




Sorry about that the caps lock got stuck there for a second or two.. 


This is the all important number #4. 


Your “Red Hot Offer” then will tell people why they need what you sell. 


If you need any help creating a red hot offer to tap in to “starving crowds” of prospects who spend like sailors on leave our team of growth hackers can help you with that.


And lastly number #5. 


Next to #4 this one is absolutely critical


Mandatory even.


We call it the Three E’s. 


Entertain, Educate and Execute


Your website needs to be entertaining, grab your customers attention, engage their interest and hold their curiosity leaving them wanting more.  


Once you’ve got that down, your customers and clients have obviously formed some biases around your type of product or service already and likely have similar or yet a specific set of objections that you need to rebuttle pre-the-sale. 


This is where education comes in. 


I would suggest you get out a pen and paper and write out the problems your products or service solves, the core beliefs your prospects have regarding your solution, address previously known issues with alternative solutions, highlight specific pain points your solution deals with and be fanatically clear who you ideally work with. 


And once you’re on the other side of that you need to be bold enough to ask for the order and Execute.