What is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

July 14, 2020
July 14, 2020 admin

What is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

And why should I consider hiring one?

What is a Facebook Marketing Partner?

Facebook Marketing Partners (FMPs) are a group of agencies and tech companies that have been vetted by Facebook and certified for their excellence in helping advertisers get the most from their campaigns.

Want to be done with it all and just have a team of experts run the campaigns for you?

That’s why Facebook Marketing Partners exist. Like Luna Digital.

Great, but are FMPs worth the cost?

If Facebook’s Success Stories section is any indication, there are a lot of advertisers getting their money’s worth from FMPs.

One thing you should know before hiring an FMP…

Not all FMPs are created equal, and advertisers should choose wisely.

One of the best ways to do that is through a bake-off where advertisers select multiple FMPs to run real campaigns.

The FMP that drives the best results wins.

In closing…

If your people are stressed, over-caffeinated, and locked in Excel Hell.

If you’re managing hundreds of ads and struggling to make sense of it all.

If you are having trouble achieving more scale or reaching new audiences.

Or if you’d just like to hand it off to a team of experts to manage it for you.

Maybe it’s time to look for a Facebook Marketing Partner.

As of today, Luna Digital has officially been recognised as a Preferred Facebook Marketing Partner.

I can’t thank the team enough for all the hard work, sweat and brain power that went in to make this possible. Nanga Ntsume & Vivaldo Da Cruz

Our badge should be up on the website in a couple of days and our listing should be live around the same time!

Remember when we say “We can help you scale”…

We really can.

We’ve collectively invested around R1M in ads for our brand partners in the previous 180 days. (Pre, during and post lockdown)

If you scroll down and look at a previous post we’re averaging at a 8X ROAS month on month right now.

From what we can see on a micro, I guess it’s safe to say people are buying online.

I urge you, don’t sleep on this.

While Unilever, Coca Cola and other big brands are boycotting.

You have a distinct opportunity in front of you to acquire more market share for pennies to the dollar.