Monetize Your Media and Multiply Your Metrics


Saving You Time

We partner with your marketing team which will help you to focus on the higher level executive activities of your business.

Making You Money

We leverage social media and search platforms to deliver more business to your business through competition cutting and revenue printing strategies.

Growing Your Business

With our result driven approach we can track and report the impact made to your bottom-line. We know when marketing works & now we can prove it!

Unlocking the dormant potential of exponential growth

If your team absolutely crushes competition and operates at a level appearing to be magical but needs to sharpen their competitive battle axe, our one-day fully immersive consulting workshop could be your ticket to the next phase of your business.

Monetising Media Multiplying Metrics is a one-day, fully immersive digital consulting session led by Luna Digital’s Head of Growth, Nanga Nstumer & Head of Performance, Erwin Linder.

Part master-class and part workshop, the 4Ms will take you under the hood of Luna Digital, not only analysing the work we do for some of the brands and businesses we work with but more importantly, how those tactics and strategies can help you achieve the attention and objectives your business deserves.

The day will be conducted and filled with industry news discussions, exercises, and conversations in all the areas in which we are experts in.

Sessions include a collection of deep dives into Paid Media, Influencer Marketing, Digital Strategy, Content Production, Platform Strategy, and more.

These workshops are reserved to small groups of no more than 13 people to ensure an intimate environment that can mold to the attendees and their respective goals.


Email us: nanga@lunadigital.coza

Looking forward to hosting you!

Paid Media

Tap in to “starving crowds” of prospects

Digital Strategy

How to find those wallet-out-ready-to-buy customers and clients

Influencer Marketing

People buy people. Now we discuss how you can leverage this.

Content & Platform Strategy

Conversion is queen but content is king and how to win in the long game

Reserve Your Exclusive Seat

We believe our work speaks for itself. This time we’ll be uncovering the secrets behind our clients hockey-stick like growth and pull back the curtain so you can leverage current success in today’s market place

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