The Growth Hacking Tribe

Who consistently turn $1 in to $3 and sometimes even $10!

When you partner with us for future business growth you will have at least 2 people working on your account. Below we introduce you to who those growth hackers are.

Nanga Ntsume

Need a digital strategy that looks to outcompete your competitors? Or a rebrand? Right now our Head of Growth, Nanga Ntsume will create the solution for just that need.

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Erwin Linder

After formulating your growth plan it’s time to execute with massive calculated action. At this point our Head Of Performance, Erwin Linder, will create and manage all of your revenue printing ad campaigns.

Meet the Tribe

Not only do you get direct access to our two Founding Partners Nanga and Erwin, you’ll also have the seasoned digital team that’s backing your business and making sure everything is executed at the highest standard possible.


Vivaldo da Cruz

Senior Paid Media Growth Hacker

The man, the myth and the legend himself Vivaldo da Cruz is the man you need on your team if you want to level up. He’s never satisfied and always pushes the status quo. You can rely on him to drive business results in any environment. #StarPlayer


Frank Strauss

Head of Business Development

Where there’s a relationship to build and a business to help grow, Frank will find it and throw himself completely into it. He’s got a keen eye for opportunities and strategies that benefit all involved. Energised by helping others grow and reach their full potential he’s the perfect addition to our tribe, and your business.


Kamohelo Vesi

Communications Agent

When it comes to organic social growth, our Communication Agent, Kamo, is the wo-man with a plan. She’ll ensure your brand communication is consistent, your content is also shared on time and your channels are well managed.


Thomas Smith

Creative Partner

Content creation and brand designing is no foreign topic for our Creative Partner, Thomas. With a passion for great work, he’ll ensure all design and content is created to appeal to your consumer and grow your brand recognition.

Have a Revenue Problem?

We’re very proud of the success we produce for all our clients and the rapid growth they experience with us, but we’ve seen this is not for everyone.

Now if you’re happy with how things are going, that’s great for you! But if you’ve got a revenue problem, we’re the digital partner you need.